mirmaid (clevermedicine) wrote,


don't you people realize that there are worse things going on in the world?
why the fuck do you sit around and feel sorry for yourselves?

i'm getting tired of using livejournal as a fucking place to rant.

WHO CAREEEES if he/she doesn't like you? fuck him/her.
your heart isn't BROKEN otherwise you would be dead.
WHO CAREEEESSSS if you didn't get the perfect prom dress.
you're not the center of the universe.

why can't people be HAPPY with what they are given?
fucking smile because you have friends.
smile because your parents arent beating the shit out of you or molesting you.
really, do i have to tell you to do this?

there are people out there this very fucking second that are DYING, being TORTURED, and raped, and burnt alive, and having their children taken away from them, that are watching their family being gutted. people that have to work 2-3 jobs with no sleep just to keep their kids alive.

and you're sad because you didn't make the team? you're sad because your daddy didn't buy you the right color of escalade?

get the fuck over yourselves.
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