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i love john mayer.

"I am driving up 85 in the kind of morning that lasts all afternoon."
Just stuck inside the gloom, 4 more exits to my apartment,
but I am tempted to keep the car in drive and leave it all behind."

i'm just kind of stuck in life.
not necessarily in a bad way,
but i'm ready for something.

"I rent a room and I fill the spaces with wood in places to make it feel like home,
but all I feel's alone. It might be a quarter life crisis, or just the stirring in my soul."

my entire body is sore.
i read my horoscope today in the newspaper.
but sometimes, i don't WANT to do what's right.

"So what, so I've got a smile on, but it's hiding the quiet superstitions in my head.
Don't believe me when I say I've got it down."
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